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3 Reasons ‘Why you haven’t found the best out-of-the country trip yet’

3 Reasons ‘Why you haven’t found the best out-of-the country trip yet’

There are so many countries around the world! How do we know where the best place is?

Travelers or people with wanderlust consider many things: the richness of the culture, a countries’ status in popularity, the exoticness of the place, friendly people, great restaurants and many more.

If you are planning to go somewhere and want to have one-heck-of-a -time? Plan ahead! I remember Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

And before planning your next trip, let me share with you 3 reasons why I think “you haven’t found the best out-of-the country trip yet.”

1.) You are not with the people who want the best for you (to be holy).

WYD Media Coverage Training, Tagaytay (Photo by Johann Mangusad)

WYD Media Coverage Training, Tagaytay (Photo by Johann Mangusad)

  • One famous author said, “If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want, copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.”
  • I love this quote because it is simply says you have to be with the people you dream to be.  So, be with someone who wants to be holy. Yes, holy. Achieving holiness in one’s life just about out shine any accomplishment you can make in your lifetime!
  • Do you have friends? Not just buddy-buddy friends but those friends who want you to be in heaven. Those are the precious ones. How to find them? It’s easy. You should be able to call them brothers and sisters in Christ. Find them. Be with them. Surround yourself with people who wants you to be holy. You should be with them in your next trip.

2.) You haven’t chosen an extraordinary country.

poland 2

  • Your destination always counts, especially why you chose it. All countries have their beauty and treasures to offer – their culture, people and history too. When you travel to a place know the interesting stories that that place hold, the precious moments that place keep.
  • Together with a team of online missionaries, we will be going to an extra ordinary country this year. Poland – She is the land of mercy. The birth place of prominent figures which of who made their marks on our history. This was a land where millions of Jews and Christian were executed during World War 2 because of their faith.
  • These are treasured memory of Poland! Just thinking about going there makes this trip extra awesome! Also, chose a country where you can sing a “non-English” song – just for fun. I say these are the fine qualities of the next country you want to visit.

3.) You haven’t planned an awesome itinerary yet.

  • The things you would do in an awesome place with valuable people will always mark how extra ordinary the trip would be.
  • Have I mentioned why our team of missionaries – who are on a journey to holiness – was going to Poland? It’s for the World Youth Day (WYD)! We will be attending the most awaited 15th WYD, our stay would revolve around the historical event.
  • The “Youth are happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old,” once said by Franz Kafka. You can never be bored if you are with the youth. Imagine thousands of youth from all around the world gathered for the program of the WYD. What an itinerary indeed!

I’ll share with you some of the words from youths who have attended the WYD:

“No words can express the joy that they brought me during these days, which will last in my heart for a lifetime”

“The enjoyment of seeing other people from a wide variety of countries joined together as one. We all walked among the street of Brazil not as individual but a giant group of proud teen Catholics.”

“The crowd roared and rejoiced and sang about their pride of being Catholic. It was so beautiful and so touching. I had the blessing of seeing Pope Francis up so close it was just an overwhelming moment, not even my tears explained how I felt. His face beamed with happiness, and it was there that I realized he wasn’t joking when he said we were capable of going out and making disciples of all nations.”

See where I’m going and what I’m talking about? Yes! Plan and act on your next out-of-the country trip. Be with holy people, choose Poland and attend the WYD.

Our team, are privileged to be part of the WYD 2016 happening in Krakow, Poland on July 2016. Join us? And please pray for us. (Written by Michael Laxina)

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