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Special trains for WYD

PAP/Paweł Supernak

PAP/Paweł Supernak

Around 350 additional trains will run during World Youth Day. A new train schedule will take effect especially for the event on July 20.

As PKP SA CEO Miroslaw Pawlowski said on June 28, almost 350 additional trains will be in service in Poland during World Youth Day. He added that nearly 580 thousand seats for passengers would be available on trains during WYD.

A new train schedule will take effect especially for the event on July 20, according to Miroslaw Pawlowski, CEO of the country’s state rail carrier.

He added that more than 12,000 people would work nationwide to ensure efficient rail service during WYD, which will be held from July 26 to 31 in and around the southern city of Krakow.

Special trains will run in regions throughout Poland and will deliver the pilgrims not only to Days in the Dioceses events, but also to other celebrations associated with World Youth Day.

A modern and safe fleet of trains will be available for the World Youth Day pilgrims, and the operators will ensure that the train journeys are comfortable, informs PKP SA. The operator will run special trains between July 20 and August 1.

Polish railways have prepared a special website with information for pilgrims:

“The Malopolska and Silesia metropolitan areas will be served by modern electric trains. The ELF, PULSE or FLIRT trains offer single-space interiors. They are designed to handle large passenger flows. They are also handicapped-accessible, with places for wheelchairs, entry ramps, and specially adapted toilets,” the PKP SA press release states.

According to PKP’s estimates the largest number of pilgrims is expected to travel between Katowice and Krakow – and the number of trains on this route will be increased from 56 to 214 daily. Between Warsaw and Krakow there will be 171 trains per day, 71 more than today, and between Rzeszow and Krakow the number of trains will increase from 49 to 150 per day. This means that on these three routes alone some 500 thousand people will be able to travel by train every day.

“For example, pilgrims from Lodz will be served by FLIRT3 Lodz Commuter Railway trains – the first rail vehicle that fulfills European standards (meets TSI requirements), put into service in Poland. These will be  modern two-car trains, equipped with air conditioning, ergonomic seats, with spacious interiors. The passengers will also be able to use electrical sockets and have Wi-Fi access,”  the operator informed.

There are plans to run trains of more than ten cars. Each will be able to carry nearly 500 passengers. Forty PKP Intercity carriages will be rented from Czech Railways.

Rail passengers will also be able to travel on the Pendolino trains. The seven-car trains will offer 402 seats (355 second class and 45 first class). There will be 61 seats in the so-called zone of silence. Depending on passenger demand, PKP Intercity plans to extend the routes of selected trains throughout Poland.

The highest number of special trains will arrive in Krakow on July 25 and 29,  returning on July 31 and August 1. Tickets can be purchased in advance at ticket offices, as well as online.

Train stations will feature additional information signs and additional staff will assist the travellers. From July 20 to August 7 at 56 train stations public announcements will be in Polish and English. The old building of Krakow main station will serve as WYD information centre. Railway emergency telephone will take calls in English.

PKP said that majority of trains will arrive at the Krakow main station, only a small number of trains will be directed to Krakow’s smaller stations.

Polish railway operators have prepared special tickets for WYD participants, that enable to travel unlimited number of times on one ticket over one, three or seven days.  (PAP/KAI)

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